Project NFU
Client City of Ulm
Jahr 2012
Status Invited competition
Site 5.350 m²
Lighting Design Candela
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A NFU (250KB)

The existing wide character of Frauenstraße is differentiated by few means of design and is developed into a strip mall with generous pedestrian areas.

Two measures reduce the vast street space from the postwar period: the western building edge is extended by three to five meters, rows of trees to the North and South and a third one on the pedestrian island reduce the street profile. At the main street crossing the space opens up in order to maintain the presence of the Ehinger Hof.
The new pedestrian island allows for crossing the lanes at various points. The existing parking is allocated beneath the trees, with additional parking placed in the adjacent streets. The bus lane is kept.
The materiality of the alleys in the inner city is adapted in recognition of the significance of Frauenstraße. The paving consists of concrete stone with a natural stone top layer in two formats: the newly introduced big formats form longer parts that are structured by fields of smaller ones.
The existing suspended light system is retrofitted as basic illumination. In order to experience the crossing in darkness the trees on the island are illuminated from underneath. Three lamp posts light up this area and accentuate the facade of the Ehinger Hof.

Plan 1   Detail 1   
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