Project GUT

Siedlungswerk Stuttgart

Year 2016
Status Investor competition
Net floor Area Heuberger-Tor-Weg: 1.290 m²
  Brückenstraße: 1.125 m²
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A GUT (740KB)

In 2016 the City of Tübingen invited private groups and housing cooperatives to hand in proposals for housing to accommodate refugees on 6 plots. For a period of ten years the dwellings shall be in use by refugees and then they can be converted to subsidized housing.

On two selected locations the schemes provide housing for refugees and low income earner on each floor from the very beginning. The layouts of refugee apartments are developed as such that for the first ten years they follow the policies of the VwW-WoFlü that is a decree of subsidizing housing for refugees by the State of Baden-Württemberg. After this period the apartments can be converted into social subsidized housing of different sizes with minor adjustments.

On the location „Heuberger-Tor-Weg“ a new slab building contains 16 housing units in total, of which 12 units accommodate appr. 55 refugees. They meet with students and other tenants in a common space on the ground level. This room is located with a small square for the neighbourhood right at a pathway between the bus-stop and the adjacent residential buildings. The plot „Brückenstraße-Werkstraße“ comprises 15 units, of which 12 units are dedicated to appr. 50 refugees. Low income earner and refugees get together in the courtyard and share the roof terrace for common gardening.

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Location Heuberger-Tor-Weg, plot 2 | Housing for refugees, displaced people, families, students and nursing staff

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