Project MPH
Client City of Hirschau
Year 2006
Status Limited competition
Site 12.500 m²
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A MPH (315KB)

The relocation of the transit traffic to a beltway enables the Market Square to become an attractive continuous urban square once again.

Following the original historic setting, the traffic lane in the eastern part is relocated to the northern side. The elongated space is structured into two areas: the 'Upper Market Square' and the 'Lower Market Square', whose southern side is thus upgraded. Their clear size and proportion result in pleasant to scale urban spaces. The topographic heights are maintained so as to generate a smooth, plain surface that is open for various generous uses. The surfaces of footpaths and traffic lanes are paved with the same material (granite cobble stone) in order to enhance the atmospheric spatial continuity.

The existing trees are supplemented with two rows of trees while water-bound surfaces surround the trees. A grove accentuates the turning point of the lane in the centre of the Market Square that forms a visual focus. The lighting consists of two complementary components: the illumination of the facades and the lamp posts along the traffic lane.

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